Dementia Awareness and Training

dementiaimage.jpgWhen it comes to dementia, every individual is unique. Each person will experience dementia in a different way – particularly in the early stages. Other factors that will affect the way in which someone can live with dementia includes the environment that they are based in and the people that are around them. 

Dementia will occur when the brain is damaged by diseases – examples include Alzheimer’s disease or a series of strokes. Despite Alzheimer’s being the most common cause of Dementia, it is not the only one.  Dementia is progressive which means that the symptoms will gradually get worse over time. Again, everyone is unique so it will differ from person to person.  

A person with dementia will have cognitive symptoms that are to do with thinking or memory, especially within the early stages. They may struggle with day-to-day memory such as struggling to recall events that may have occurred recently. They may also find concentrating, planning or organisation will become difficult. In the later stages of Dementia, physical symptoms such as muscle weakness or weightloss may also appear – changes in appetite and sleeping patterns are also common. 

There are currently 850,000 people in the UK living with Dementia and 700,000 friends and family caring for a person with dementia. Carers may also become socially isolated and it could have a negative impact on both psychological and physical health. According to Carers UK, eight in ten carers have felt lonely or socially isolated because of their caring responsibilities. Carers UK also found that 57% of carers lose touch with family or friends due to their caring responsibilities which leads to increased isolation and emotional distress.

On the 24th of September, CareShield will be taking part in the Unite With Us Against Dementia at Bedford Memory Walk. This year the Alzheimer’s Society aim to unite 110,000 walkers and to raise £9million to support everyone affected by Dementia!

In 2016, the CareShield team took part in the Memory Walk in Bedford. The walk started in Everard Meadow, on the Southbank of River Great Ouse. The 2km took us around the picturesque Embankment area by LongHolme Boating Lake and the 9km took us through the Priory Country Park. We raised £350 last year and we would love to be able to double that this year! If you would like to take part and join us on our walk or join another walk in your area, please click here for more information.

Our Dementia Awareness course and dementia in care allows the learner to gain an understanding of the different types of dementia, early symptoms and current treatments. It allows learners to develop a clear vision about their role in caring for people with dementia and will also allow an awareness of the different support agencies available. To find out more, please click here.